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Drinkaware At Work

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The programme is also available as an e-learning module – ideal for SMEs in more rural locations where travel is impractical.

The Drinkaware Trust is an independent charity working to reduce alcohol misuse and harm in the UK. Drinkaware helps people to make better choices about their alcohol consumption by providing facts, tools and advice to measure and regulate their intake. 

Drinkaware at work 
Alcohol can affect every aspect of our lives, from our long-term health to our mindset and safety at work the day after drinking. UK industry loses £7.3 billion a year to alcohol-related absence with some 200,000 people turning up at work with a hangover each day*. To help create happier, healthier workplaces, the Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership has partnered with Drinkaware to deliver multiple, free ‘Everything you need to know about alcohol’ sessions across Scotland in 2019. These sessions are designed to support employees in making better, more informed decisions about their drinking. 

The programme content 
‘Everything you need to know about alcohol’ will be available across Scotland in 2019. 

The one-hour interactive sessions give the facts about alcohol and provide take-home tools to help make better choices about drinking; enabling attendees to feel healthier and happier both at work and at home.

The fun and engaging sessions include quizzes and challenges and content is delivered in an interactive and non-judgmental way. The programme is also available as an e-learning module – ideal for SMEs in more rural locations where travel is impractical. 

There are a number of sessions available across Scotland for SAIP partners and associates, to find out more visit 

Support from industry and local government 
The Scottish Drinkaware At Work initiative, in addition to SAIP members, is supported and promoted by many related bodies and businesses including: 

• Scottish Town Partnerships 
• Scottish Wholesale Association 
• West Lothian Council 
• Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce 
• SPFL Trust
• And Drinkaware continue to garner support from many high-profile organisations. 

To find out more
Visit the Drinkaware At Work section of the Drinkaware website: